Thursday, February 11, 2010


If others actions cause you to
react in a certain way, what is it
about their actions that cause you
to feel this way?

Is it their actions, or are you allowing your mind to interpret their actions in a certain way based on your own perceptions?

Learn to see things clearly - for in clarity of thought there is a certain freedom gained that allows you to see things from the heart instead of the mind. ~ dcincioni © 8/30/09


  1. Thanks for a great post, Debra. The people in our life tend be a mirror for us. What we dislike about another person is usually something we dislike about ourself; and often are not aware of - so that person that is bothering us is a lesson for us to create an awareness about ourself.

    Similarly, the qualities we admire in another person are there inside of us, too! We too have those very qualities!

    The actions of other people have no meaning other than what we assign to it. In fact, everything you see and meet in life has no meaning other than what you assign to it. You are the creator of meaning. How you react to something or someone is always your choice....

    Dr. Arlene Taveroff

  2. So true Debra,and very sage advice. We all need reminders to step back and take stock objectively.

    I happen to read your blog at a time when a situation was on my mind. Thanks for the psychic advice! Pleasant surprise

  3. Excellent advice.

    In my experience it seems that very often when a person's words or actions evoke a strong reaction, they may be pushing buttons.

    If I find that someone is evoking a strong reaction from me I will firsty ask myself "does this person WANT me to feel this way and if so, why?"

  4. Thanks for saying out loud
    what is not always easily said
    or acknowledged'
    But once brought to the surface
    to settle
    it can be looked at for what it is
    and then let go

    Your expression here is a welcome voice
    an honest and true mirror

    Thank YOu

  5. When an orange is squeezed, orange juice comes out... not apple or tomato ... not pomegranate either. When life squeezes us, what is already inside of us comes out ... not what is outside. Thank you for a great reminder.

  6. "seeing things from the heart instead of the mind"
    Thanks for that reminder.


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