Monday, August 8, 2011

Contract to Expand

Social media has caused my world to contract... yet expand.

This sounds like an interesting scientific phenomenon doesn't it? : ) But it simply means that I have met so many people, through social media, from all around the world, that it has made the world a much smaller place. Yet at the same time my world is expanding for the very same reason!

My spiritual philosophy has always been that there is no separation between us...we are all one. Through social media, this philosophy is becoming more than a mere idea as I see everyone from so many different cultures share common ideas, beliefs, laughter and even tears....despite the miles or differences in their lives. Friendships have formed and deepened...and love becomes something that transforms the distance into a mere inconvenience.

On Twitter, Face book and Google+ we reach out to each other when world events unfold and catastrophes occur. We offer our help, money and prayers to our friends and their families in times of need.

Our lives have expanded to include so many others, and as a result, our hearts have opened up to extend love to so many more people that we ever thought it possible to allow into our lives.

So thus, through social media, our world becomes smaller as we expand our circle of friends.


  1. That last sentence is so accurate, Debra! Yes!

    I have found the same thing to happen. Social media has brought me so much, bringing folks into my life from across the globe. Making the world smaller, and my circle of friends bigger!

    The web is extraordinary that way, isn't it?

    Amber @wordsdonewrite

  2. Amber I knew that you would see this clearly!The first time that I said social media made my world contract and friends looked at me with a big question mark in their eyes!
    Of course not the folks in the picture with me! I hope that you recognize them!

    Big Hugs!


  3. I too, have met with and conversed with individuals that I never would have thought possible. Can you say Brazil, Australia, and the like.
    Social media has definitely broadened the horizons!

  4. Debra,

    I love this post.

    Like you, I'm on a spiritual path and have been for many years now. Yes, indeed we are as big as our hearts will allow; as small as our hearts will disallow.

    So contract & expand is, to me, a function of our heart. It's the grand arbiter of everything that we allow ourselves to become.

    To our continuous expansion,
    -Angie (@angels510 on Twitter)

  5. I love this post, And I love the design you have for your blog :) :) :) Your spiritual philosophy is awesome too... some of my most profound and moving experiences have come while pondering thoughts like those... Thanks for sharing your thoughts and life with me :) :) :)


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