Saturday, January 28, 2012


Allowing oneself to slip into a victim mentality is a painful and downward spiral that makes it hard to see things clearly.

The positive is that when one removes oneself from this vicious circle of thought and action, one can - as i said in an earlier post - rise from the ashes a stronger person...

It is all a learning process and viewing the circle as something that cannot be overcome may seem easier than simply accepting the fact that we are choosing to be drawn there out of pain...not anger...

Allowing yourself to grieve is perfectly take a deep breath...accept yourself and love yourself as you are...give yourself just as much care and compassion as you would give to a friend in their time of need... Sometimes we just need to allow ourselves to take the time to heal...without judgement or derision toward our seeming weakness.

There is a strength that is found in being vulnerable, accepting and kind to oneself...and in this strength and knowledge we find that we can open our hearts to others and show them the understanding and kindess that we have shown ourselves. ~ DCincioni 1-28-12


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    1. Thanks Lori! Always! #Elevate to #Love : )

  2. Dr D Cincioni is in da house! I like this post. i wrote something awhile back called "victim or volunteer" sorta the same premise but mine was more about the repeated action of continuing to be a victim, thus subconsciously becoming a volunteer. Love this & glad to see you blogging :) xo

    1. Jessica, glad you liked it...I have spoken about this very thing to so many that are stuck in this type of circle...hurting themselves again and again...and wrote a paper in college about it as well...a very meaningful topic and Im glad to see one that you addressed as well. look fwd to reading your article! xoxox Debra #Hugs

  3. That which does not kill us makes us stronger, or so we hope...

    It's a good positive message. Thank you for sharing.

    Mikel King


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