Saturday, September 12, 2009


Can you see the Juxtaposition within? Can you feel the Energy that it Creates?

Can you Unconditionally Accept and Love All Aspects of Yourself...If So, That Energy Becomes Sublime.
~dcincioni© 2009

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  1. Hi Debra,

    What an intriguing question and here I am reading it at just the right time. I invested the last few weeks and especially the last few days collecting 1,001 inspirational (and amusing) quotes for a gift. And I was especially reading the inspirational quotes in the last few days.

    Doing so greatly affected me, as well it should. Seeing how all the contradictions and what I might judge the most is in myself as well, seeing the greater element of our Oneness, the Divinity (Neil Armstrong seeing the earth from the Moon, Jacque Cousteau seeing the essential life force we all share in Water) has made me have a bigger perspective and increased my level of compassion for others.

    I'm really enjoying your blog, sweet lady.

    Your twitter buddy,



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