Friday, November 12, 2010

Life is A Dance

Life is a dance like the ocean teasingly dances with the shore, like your spirit dances with love to the rhythm of your Heart...Let us dance...debra cincioni © 10-04-09


  1. That is exactly how i feel Deb! Life is a Dance we have to make sure to follow along, it always works! :) Thank You for following me an very nice to meet you! your welcome to stop by anytime! :)

  2. Beautiful Deb! Inspiring and gorgeous photo! Thanks for sharing! :) -Ellie

  3. ...Let us dance to the rhythms of the waves until the early morning, is a hymn to distant memories.
    O Venice! I'd like to see you again on the gondola lulled me into your arms again, I hear the song of love "come prima" has ceased to be with me,I see you,I touch you, this is so close and so far, my mind is flooded with memories, to the beat of your heart, of these waves that are constantly flirting with the shore. I'm here and I'm there, I keep dancing ...Ciao Bertrand


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