Thursday, July 8, 2010

Everyone is Sexy...oops should i dare say that word! : )

Everyone is Sexy. Dont let anyone make you feel less a woman, or man , because of their perceptions of what sexy is or isnt. It really isnt all about the way the models look in the Victorias Secret or GQ catalogues.

Sexy is a perception to others...but to is how one feels in ones skin...the more one can be in touch with their senses and inner energy and project that outward with wit charm and honesty in a real and not manipulative way...then they will exude the term sensuous. It can be an irresistible force! ~debra cincioni

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  1. LOL, whats wrong with the word Sexy? Sexy comes from within. Think Sexy, act sexy, be sexy.... I keep telling others who were you before you had kids. Sometimes we get lost in the world of children and families that we forget who we really are..... Blog rocks, keep up the good work..


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