Thursday, February 18, 2010

You Are...

You are who you want to be...remember this is your choice...

Never forget that you are the author of your own book, the keeper of your own flame and by your choices you choose whether to shine or not...whether to share your light with others...or not.

Each thought you allow in, each thought that you allow to influence you, has weight and spreads out around you and then reflects back toward you...

Keep your thoughts as light as a wisp of wind... flowing by and acknowledging, yet not burdening. Feeding, yet not extinguishing your flame. ~d.cincioni © 8/29/10


  1. This very enlightening, a nice reminder. It will be my fb status...if it posts right, lol.

  2. Some days are harder then others to remember this. To remember that You can effect your own future. This is a lovely reminder and encouragement to keep going.

  3. Positive and encouraging. Thank you for sharing.


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