Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hold That Thought - Ponderings & Perceptions

These are a collection of Ponderings and Perceptions that will be posted on Twitter and Face Book. I will be adding to them over time and I hope that you enjoy my thoughtfull moments... : )

There are moments in time when you can be sure that all Is as it should Be in your world. #HoldThatThought ~dcincioni ©10/31/11

Dont blame others for your actions. Just own it, learn from it and LET It Go. #HoldThatThought ~dcincioni ©11/1/11

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  1. ..and the goal is for those moments to be continuous, and never cease. #Trust. Love you, Debra. Thank you for being one that is good and all you should be in my life! :) xo Gina


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