Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hold That Thought...again

We are not all master communicators. How we feel and what we want someone to hear is not always expressed in a cohesive or succinct way… So Please, listen to what someone is saying - focus with your heart. Judgments and Misperceptions block Understanding and can lead to conflicts.

If you dont understand what someone is saying, take the time to reflect back what they are saying, and ask them if "That" is what they meant - this can bring clarity to the conversation...

Realize too that the other person may not be "Hearing" what you are saying. So be patient and don’t close the door to communication...see this as an opportunity to learn a new language, : ) to express yourself in a new way...

Let your thoughts and words reflect positively on Your Soul and let them fall kindly on others. Remember that just because you think that a person is Not fully living what they believe...act gently toward them... No one is perfect... That they have the understanding to express how they should be, and are striving to Be that, is a positive and beautiful thing.

 #HoldThatThought ~dcincioni ©11/6/11

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  1. This is so true dear Debra. Thank you for reminding us. :)


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