Thursday, December 8, 2011

#HoldThatThought - power

Your thoughts and your words have power...use them wisely. #HoldThatThought ~ dcincioni ©12/08/11


  1. Amen to that!
    The power lies in the fact that these words have specific meaning.
    Small words sure can pack a lot of punch, in the heavyweight division!

  2. I so agree...I used to wonder whether thoughts or words were more powerful. First I though words, then I realized that before we speak, we have to have the thoughts to do so, so maybe thoughts were more powerful. My conclusion is that the two go together and we have the ability to control both and hopefully like you said, we do it wisely!

  3. The greatest beauty in the world are those when our life's lamps are lighted for others and the role of mothers, including my own and all of those around the world are more highly illustrated by it. They are the lamps on every home and their kindness, their strength and their unconditional love for their children are what made us who we are. I believed that mothers everywhere, as long as they guide their children towards the world through them, then this world where we see chaos and trials will not be too long to witness for we shall be the agents of peace and change.

    This photo speaks well of what I understood as our role in the community and the society where we all belong. As a travel blogger from the Philippines, I share in this thoughts through my Journeys posts and those whom I touched have been my inspiration and continue to be my inspiration.

    My mother is the lamp unto my world and her influence on me is what anchors me to the ground. I am firmly anchored because of her undying faith in my capacity to make good and her reassuring embrace on those moments I fail the world.

    this is a great and poignant photo of how we should see our mothers in our world and the world beyond us.


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